Meeting on Port Issues

Friday, 11 January 2008

Venue: Ministry of Transportation, Meeting Room 2D, #80 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi

Date: 11/01/2008
Time: 2pm

The Vietnam Business Forum Port Sub Group is holding a meeting with the Ministry of Transportation (MoTR) in Hanoi this Jan 11 (FRI) to learn more about the selection priorities and portfolio of the seaport and related landside infrastructure projects. The meeting brings together main stakeholders from the Gov't. Specifically, Vice Minister Tran Doan Tho chairs the meeting. Other MoTR representatives include International Cooperation Dept., Planning and Investment one, and Vinamarine.


1. Clarify project selection priorities and portfolio for seaport development/upgrading and related landside development/upgrading  projects. Follow-up suggestions

2. Issues presented at the last Forum including 2 main groups of issue:

2.1. Short term vital infrastructure:

  • Immediate upgrading of the roads to Cai Lai and VICT ports, and Hiep Phuoc; Upgrading of channel, road, vessel turnaround pool, and remove buoys to facilitate Dzung Quat ports; Upgrading of channel, turnaround pool, berth depth, and road to Nhon Hoi ports;
  • Urgently remove obstacles hindering Cai Mep port operators/other operators in Cai Mep-Thi Vai from the construction start;
  • The need for an independent consultant to review potential commuter and container traffic to the Cai Mep and Thi Vai ports that aims to ensure safe and timely cargo flow to industrial sites in Bien Hoa and Northern HCMC industrial zones.

2.2. The access to and the supply of updated, official information and statistics on regular, on-going basis on:

  • Project progress for individual seaport and landside projects;
  • Cargo flow and throughput measured in both metric tones and containers units; and
  • The amendment to the Master Plan for Port Group #5


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